Ella Mayfield

Ella of Ella Elite Fitness is a pharmacist by trade, a mother by good fortune, a fitness competitor by choice, and an advocate of health by calling. Throughout the years, she's trained with professional athletes from multiple backgrounds. Her approach to fitness is seated in a whole body incorporation of strength, endurance, and flexibility.

The time demands of a full time college curriculum introduced Ella to the dreaded "Freshman 15."  Determined not to let circumstances override her life, she stepped foot into the world of strength training and never looked back.  Armed with her adventurous nature and curiosity, she lives by the motto of "I'll try anything once!"

Ella is driven by a simple, yet powerful, motivation: her seven-year-old daughter. Ultimately, Ella wants to spread her message: "It's dangerous to compare yourself to the airbrushed models in magazines. Focus on a healthy goal, make a solid plan, and be kind to yourself."

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