Jennifer Cepeda


Jennifer Cepeda has been a hip hop dancer and performer in Seattle for over 20 years, training and performing with some of the region’s leading dancers. She’s successfully infused her hip hop style into dance fitness formats and carved a spot out for herself as one of the top dance fitness instructors in the Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer has recently developed her own format, “Dance Addiction" - a dance fitness class with a focus on dance routines set to trending radio hits.  Jennifer is known for creating simple, edgy choreography that keeps her students challenged and engaged while delivering an intensely high cardio experience.

Her classes in Seattle are in demand and packed, with participants ranging widely in dance experience, age, size, fitness level, and expertise. You can find many dancers and instructors dancing alongside complete beginners in her classes.  While Jennifer’s class environments are inspiring, challenging, and incredibly fun (with many claiming they feel they’re the stars of a dance video!), they are also empowering and therapeutic - a place for people to de-stress and forget about their hectic days for an hour!

Jennifer is the retreat host for Fit & Fly Girl Buenos Aires.

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