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A Day in the Life (on a Fit & Fly Retreat)

For anyone who hasn't attended a retreat before, it can be a bit of a mystery what the experience will be like. Do I have to participate in every activity? (No.) Will I be bored? (Definitely not.) Am I basically just joining a glorified tour group? (No, that's not our style either.) Will I have any time to relax? (Absolutely!).

Our blog will periodically feature a day in the life on a Fit & Fly retreat to give you an idea what to expect when you attend a retreat. Come follow along on our day!

When:  Thursday, September 21, 2017

Where:  Scarabeo Camp, Agafay Desert, Morocco

7:30 am

We’re just beginning to stir and think about coffee.  We arrived for our glamping (glamorous camping) experience at Scarabeo Camp the night before, so this is our first morning waking up in the desert.  After exiting our respective (and furnished-with-beds) tents, the first thing we notice about the desert is silence.   It’s a welcome change after four nights in busy Marrakesh!

8 am

Part of the group practices yoga with a local instructor.  Those who are feeling less yoga and more relaxing-with-a-cup-of-coffee roll with that instead.

9:30 am

Breakfast is served under the main dining tent at our table for 14. We indulge in eggs, yogurt, Moroccan pancakes with cream cheese and fig jam, orange juice, coffee, and tea. During breakfast, a few of the women make a plan to go for a hike in the desert.

10:30 am

The hikers set off, while the rest of the group scatters to read, nap, write in their journal, or sit around and chat. Several of the women requested to have a massage at Scarabeo.  A designated tent is set up for massages, and there is a massage scheduled nearly every hour throughout the late morning and early afternoon.The past few days in Marrakesh were full of shopping and sightseeing, so everyone is excited to have a quiet day in the desert.

1:30 pm

Lunch is served underneath our group's private tent. We eat a variety of Moroccan salads and chicken skewers while chatting.

2:30 pm

Three of the women go for an ATV ride in the desert with a guide. The rest of the group continue to have massages, read, or relax. A few of the women create an impromptu Moroccan desert photo shoot.

6 pm

The entire group sets off for a camel ride with two local guides. Fourteen camels carry us through the desert for an hour.  

7:30 pm

Dinner is served at our private table underneath the dining tent. It's already dark outside, so the table is lit with candelabras. Dinner consists of a chicken tagine with couscous. 

9 pm

After dinner, part of the group heads off for bed, and the rest of the group sits around the fire, chatting and drinking wine. The stars are incredible. At one point, a local astronomer hired by Scarabeo walks over and asks if we’d like to see Saturn through a telescope. We are amazed that we can actually see Saturn’s rings!  

10:30 pm

As the fire dies down, everyone decides to go to bed before the next morning's fitness class. It's back to Marrakesh tomorrow for spa treatments, pool time, and a night at the luxurious La Mamounia Palace Hotel!

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