What is Fit & Fly?

Fit & Fly hosts fitness, wellness, and cultural retreats for women in locations around the world.  Though the location of the retreat may change, Fit & Fly Girl retreats always have the same constants:  stylish accommodations, fitness classes, healthy and delicious food, wellness activities, spa treatments, cultural excursions, entertainment, and time to care for yourself while creating new friendships with other women.  Our aim is to introduce you to new locations, new people, and new experiences, all while nurturing yourself mind, body, and spirit.


What makes Fit & Fly different from other retreats?

Many retreats are specific to only one location.  Fit & Fly travels all over the world, introducing our guests to exotic locales and new cultures.  We then combine the experience with adventure, fitness, wellness, culture, and pampering.  One of the most important aspects of Fit & Fly retreats is providing an environment to bond with other like-minded women, developing lifelong friendships through a shared love of travel and wellness.


What is included in a Fit & Fly retreat?

Every Fit & Fl retreat is slightly different and ever changing, but each fitness retreat will include the following elements:

  • Seven nights accommodations with options for single or double occupancy

  • Delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all with an emphasis on ingredients local to the region

  • Filtered water, coffee, and tea

  • Fitness classes or activities such as circuit training, yoga, biking, Pilates, cardio dance, body sculpting, or hiking

  • Ability to work with a first-rate instructor in a fitness class setting

  • In certain locations, wellness activities such as energy healing, nutrition or health classes, meditation, journaling, inspirational talks, meeting with a local medicine man, or life coaching

  • Cultural and/or ecological excursions specific to the locale such as exploring ancient ruins, taking sea turtle preservation walks, touring temples or cathedrals, or visiting local gardens

  • In certain locations, opportunities to volunteer and give back through service projects concentrating on causes supporting women and children

  • Entertainment such as participating in a cooking class, learning salsa dancing, or shopping trips to local boutiques off the tourist beaten path

  • Round trip transportation to all group activities during the retreat

  • Taxes


What is not included in a Fit & Fly retreat?

  • Airfare to the retreat locale

  • Round trip transportation by car or shuttle between airport and accommodations (though we will assist you in making these arrangements)

  • Alcohol/wine with dinner

  • Two lunches and one dinner during the retreat, which will be held at local restaurants

  • Additional spa treatments

  • Optional gratuities for villa or hotel staff


How many women attend each Fit & Fly retreat?

We typically limit the group size of each retreat to between 12 and 20 women, depending on the location of the retreat.  This intimate size encourages women to form close friendships and bond during their time together.


I’m flying solo on this trip. Will there be other women alone like me?

Definitely. Fit & Fly often draws women who are traveling solo.  We will make sure you are paired up to share a room.  And though you may start out solo, you won’t be alone.  We provide an environment that fosters bonding during the retreat so that you are guaranteed to leave with a whole new set of friends.


My friend and I will both be traveling on a Fit & Fly retreat.  Can we room together?

Of course!  Just let us know in advance and we’ll make sure you are sharing a room.


I’m all for being social, but I also like my privacy.  Can I have a single room?

We offer a limited number of single rooms on most retreats.  If you are interested in a single room, book early to ensure you will have a space of your own.


What is the age range of Fit & Fly guests?

Fit & Fly attracts women of all ages from 20s to 70s with the majority of our guest being in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.


Why is Fit & Fly just for the ladies? Can men join in?

Fit & Fly retreats are tailored specifically for women.  Our focus is to offer a safe, wellness-centered retreat for attendees while fostering the special bond that forms among a group of like-minded women.  We can plan private, custom retreats for groups, and men are welcome to join in on those retreats.


How long are Fit & Fly retreats? Can I attend for a shorter period of time?

Retreats last 7 nights, typically running from Saturday to Saturday. If you need to cut your time short a bit, let us know and we’ll work with you.  


What time is check in and check out?

Check in is typically 3 pm or later, depending on the policies of the location.  The opening activity on the first day of each retreat begins at approximately 6 pm, so we encourage everyone to arrive in time to participate.  Check out is typically somewhere between 10 am and 12 pm, depending on the policies of the location.  We understand that flight times and schedules can be unpredictable, though, so we are able to make reasonable adjustments if your flights fall outside those time periods.


A women’s retreat sound like fun, but I’m not particularly... sporty.  Is Fit & Fly all about fitness?

The majority of Fit & Fly retreats have a daily fitness component.  Fit & Fly also offers a select few cultural retreats, providing women who don't want to work out on vacation the opportunity to join in on our retreats.  Each individual retreat will specifically state whether it is a "Fit" retreat focusing on fitness (including the type of fitness offerings that will be provided) or a "Fly" retreat focusing on culture, so you can choose the right retreat for you and your interests.


What if I’m not feeling fit or particularly fly? Will I have trouble keeping up?

Our guests come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and workout levels. All of our fitness instructors are able to tailor the workout to provide challenging yet doable exercise.  No stress, no competition, no judgment.  Fit & Fly fosters a supportive environment so you feel comfortable trying new things.


Does each Fit & Fly retreat location have WiFi?

Almost always.  As much as we wish we could all unplug while on vacation, sometimes that’s just not feasible.  Complimentary WiFi is available in almost all Fit & Fly accommodations, and if there won’t be WiFi available, we will make that clear in the description for a particular retreat.  Please keep in mind that when traveling out of the country, WiFi can be unreliable at times.


Do I have to participate in all Fit & Fly activities?

No.  This is your vacation.  You can participate in as many or as few activities as you wish with absolutely no pressure.  If you want to sleep in every morning, read a book and sit by the pool in the afternoon, or turn in early at night, go for it!


I have food allergies/intolerances.  (Or I’m vegetarian. Or vegan.)  Will there be anything I can eat?

As long as you let us know in advance, we can work with our chef to accommodate your dietary needs.


Can we drink alcohol on a Fit & Fly retreat?

Alcohol is not included in the retreat price, but you are always welcome to purchase wine or alcohol locally and consume it during the retreat. Occasionally, an excursion during a retreat will include a wine tasting.


What should I pack?

We will email you a suggested packing list, specific to the retreat you are attending, one month in advance of your trip.


I really like my spa treatments.  Can I arrange for more spa time?

We like our spa treatments too!  We will offer a spa menu in advance of the retreat from which you can select additional spa treatments like massages, facials, or mani/pedis at a supplemental cost. 


Do I need to rent a car?

Renting a car is not necessary.  We will assist in arranging your airport transfers to and from the villa or hotel at your expense, and we will provide complimentary transportation to any excursions during the retreat.  If you anticipate that you will want to go out on your own during the retreat, you are welcome to rent a car and/or we can arrange for a taxi or car service for you at your expense. 


I'm ready to book!  How do I sign up for a retreat?

You can quickly and easily sign up for a retreat by clicking on the Book Now page at the top of this website.  After choosing your preferred retreat and room type, you can securely pay the 30% deposit (or the full amount if booking less than 90 days in advance of the retreat) by credit card.  If you prefer to book directly with us, email info@fitandflygirl.com.


I have booked my retreat and now I have an entire other set of questions!

We will email you a set of FAQs specific to your retreat.  And at any time you have any questions, comments, requests, or just want to chat, feel free to contact us here!

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