Sabrina Rollo


Sabrina Rollo is a grateful mother of two, a Gemini, and a healing arts practitioner with a passion for intentional living, mindful movement, and energetic wisdom. A dancer since the age of three, Sabrina never fell out of love with the art of movement. She studied injury prevention and care for dancers in college, earning a degree in Dance Science and performed professionally as a modern dancer. While making the transition into motherhood, Sabrina found a new comfort and ease in yoga. More than just a physical exercise, practicing and training to teach yoga during such a transformative time helped Sabrina begin the journey inward, leaning into the big questions and listening openly for answers. This led Sabrina to study and become certified in Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki, and Breathwork.

Sabrina will be one of the wellness practitioners offering a workshop during Fit & Fly Palm Springs, April 7 - 11, 2019.

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